I have a set of 6 Super Baltar from 20mm to 100 mm waiting in queue at TLS to be rehoused to TLS PL mount very soon.
In order to speed things up, I am willing to sell the ownership of the lenses for USD 50.000
so the new owner will posses the lenses already, but will have to take care of the conversion cost.

The cost of conversion is 2950 GBP per lens, which works out about 3861 USD x 6 = 23.166 USD
This would be a total cost of USD 73.166

Those lenses would come fresh out of the factory with nobody having used them before.

Besides the new owner can have special requests before they start working on the lens.

I would get you a certification from TLS that I am the true owner of the lenses and that the lenses are in very good optical condition,

Please contact me at : video169@yahoo.com