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    We're having issues with our Redlink Bridge, where it will not connect with our camera (Red Dragon). When we connect it, the camera shows

    'Module Upgrade
    Performing rear device upgrade
    Do not power down during this process!'

    Followed by:

    'Module Upgrade
    Rear device upgrade failed. Please make sure the module is connected properly.

    We are currently running firmware V6.3.105, but have tried numerous different, older versions of the firmware, which still yielded no results. We have been in touch with RED in the UK several times, but getting an e mail or phone call back from them seems next to impossible (despite being promised call backs and e mails on multiple occasions.)

    Has anyone encountered anything similar? We're out of ideas and have been without a working Redlink Bridge for a couple of months now.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Hi Andy,

    I'm sorry to hear of your issues with the REDLINK BRIDGE.

    Can you please send me a direct email when you get a moment? I'd like to look into this and help get this resolved as soon as possible. You can reach me directly at chadk - at - red - dot - com.

    Thanks Andy, I look forward to hearing from you and having this resolved.
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