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    @Jarred @Brent
    We are in love with our Epic-X and Helium sensor but we need more horsepower and considering an upgrade to Weapon Helium.. Is there an upgrade path for this?
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    Sadly, it's rare that they do a current generation jump. The only time I remember them doing that was from Scarlet Dragon to Epic Dragon a while back for 10k. Now with the sensor swap upgrade path they are talking about, I wonder if they will even do body upgrade paths in the future. (Pure speculation, as typically with the new sensor/body, they have paths to get into all 'higher end' bodies than your own, with the new sensor/body.)
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    Then again, I just saw this:

    Quote Originally Posted by Jarred Land View Post
    Upgrades from any DSCM2 (except Raven) to Weapon CF is of course possible.

    Once you have the CF ( or forged ) Weapon, things will start to be pretty kick ass, pretty soon.

    Epic-W is in a pretty great spot to move to that Weapon CF.
    So sounds like....Yes! Sounds like they will do that at some point in the future, soon.
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    will they have a upgrade path from epic w to weapon helium?
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    Seems like they are just starting to get a handle from the mad scramble with the release of HELIUM, I'm sure more updates will be coming soon.

    Everything RED promised pretty much came to pass as i understand it.

    SCARLET-W seems to be everywhere on facebook, EPIC-W's are out there, SEEMS to be moving right along, and at the same time have addressed the new Color pipeline, and introduced some new aks. I would expect an update by October on the future of upgrade paths etc. (just my guess)
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