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    Hello friends,

    I've been contracted to shoot a very large music concert for Berklee College of Music & Boston Conservatory in ~November. The event will be at the Berklee Performance Center in Boston, Massachusetts. I will be shooting on my RED and would like to get as many RED's on the shoot as possible. I figured finding RED owners to shoot would be easier than renting cameras and finding people to shoot with them. It would be a one night event (6 hours max) and a dress rehearsal a day or two beforehand (~6 hours rough estimate). You would need your RED, enough storage to shoot at least 90 minutes at 5K full frame, tripod, and handles for handheld. (we would designate certain people to be on tripod or handheld for the night, just getting a general idea here) I have a set of Canon Cine Primes (14, 24, 50, 85) as well as a bunch of Canon L photo lenses to work with. We will organize and see what lenses we have to work with between us. You would just need to shoot for the show, transfer all the footage to me, and that's all. The budget is not confirmed yet, but we would be looking at $300-$500 for each shooter. Epics are preferred, but if we have to, we'll settle for Scarlets.

    If you are interested, please message me!
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    I sent you a PM
    RED KOMODO #000096
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    PM also sent.
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