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    Hey everyone,

    Im traveling to Beijing and Shanghai in March with two Dragon packages, lenses and a DJI Ronin package.

    I've heard that customs can be kind of a pain even with a Carnet.

    From what I've read on here and other sites, getting the epics in won't be too hard as long as we pack them in backpacks and don't have a bunch of peli cases, but what I'm worried about is the large DJI case...
    Should I be worried even though the Ronin is a product of China?

    Any input will be helpful!
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    Hey Jeff, how much are you checking in? I had to bring a R1MX BT body into China, and it's no problem if you're casual about it. I carry the body in a Shoulder-bag with my batteries in the side pouches and pack my lenses and accessories in an extremely large and heavy backpack. Batteries over 130whr might get you stopped, but it's just paperwork, you have to wait for the proper authorization form. It does help if you pack messy.

    Just make sure the DJI Ronin does not look like a new purchase. If it does they will try to make you prove you are not bringing it in for a sales transaction. Good luck and bring an air-filter mask...
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    I traveled a year ago to Shanghai with my whole Epic equipment. The body incl. some lenses as handluggage - the rest in cases - no problem. The check in Frankfurt was longer than in Shanghai. But: I ordered a visa with a videoproduction permission.
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    My advice after this weekends little mishap where our dragon and bunch of gear got stolen...

    Use expansive pelicases with custom foam, put one gps tracker in the foam of each case... most likely if the gear is stolen they save the cases and all is then not only secure but also possible to track.

    I was so close to do this two weeks ago when I flew with ten cases down to lanzarote... had made plans to go to the store and get some trackers but run out of time fiddling with carnet. Now the carnet I would never have needed but those not bought trackers saved me a couple of 100 dollars that weekend but made me loose quite big the weekend after.
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    Great question, I'm interested myself to film in 3D in China as well.
    Very sorry to hear about your loss Bjorn, I hope the good Force will compensate you soon.
    Do you or anyone knows where to get these mini gps trackers or can suggest a good one?
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    One thing to keep in mind for these tracking devices is that they each require a GSM/Cellular connection in order to communicate. Tracking 5 cases of stuff requires 5 individual data accounts or adding five additional devices onto your existing cell phone plan.

    Depending on your carrier you will need to double check that they can roam at your destination location and account be be aware of additional roaming fees you might incur.

    Also, the smaller the device, the shorter the battery life.
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    I recently Shot a commercial over Hong Kong and Nepal. Also had my Dragon and DJI with me. I basically packed most of the gear on 2 Lowe pro bags, which I had on and my cam assist. had the other. Pieces like Tuning stand and handle bar didn't fit, so I had them checked in. Keep in mind the v-lock batteries then can be a problem. I had them all spread within carryon lugged since I was told not to check them in. I didn't have any problems except a alien key and a Hdmi cable confiscated, but I was told the 95wat bat. were the legal limit.

    hope it helps.

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