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    I always love to see what you are adding to this thread Clark....never disappoints.
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    a few new additions to the MammothHD Libraries this last few weeks:

    Great Horned Owl - Owlet (this is a nesting cavity that I've visited a few times and last week the owlets were starting to stick their heads out) - shot on Monstro in 8K and 6, 5, 4 and 3K for the reach and slow-motion. The nest cavity is about 50 ft up the tree and to get any angle at all you have to back off - so shot 1200mm for most of the shots_

    Iberian Hares (Epic 4K and 2K)

    Spain - the Rain in Spain... (Epic 5K)

    Cheetah Cubs/South Africa (DMSC-2 Dragon)

    and a Cape Buffalo all dressed up for a night out at the watering hole (DMSC-2 Dragon - the iso on this shot is 3500)

    and in review is a large amount of the Okavango in Botswana - here's a sample shot - DMSC-2/Dragon - Elephants running thru the water.

    and with spring flowers popping up went out to check a few in the yard and these daffodils had Green-Crab Spiders catching flies... still trying to get that shot. As every time I get the camera close the spider retreats to under the petals... this may take awhile. The spider is white to match the petals - pretty cool. Monstro 8K
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