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  1. Thanks Mike! I was not a part of the...

    Thanks Mike!

    I was not a part of the production and do not own the camera. I don't know who does either. But will certainly pass this info down the line.

    It is so bizarre to me, as I...
  2. Image flipped / inverted on HDR files - Premiere Pro

    Hello Everyone,

    I have not run into this issue in the past with 8k R3D from Monstro.

    Imported via Media Browser and all the mags with HDR have inverted images. I know I can add a flip effect...
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    Nudge audio frame by frame?

    Hello Forum!

    In RCX, is it possible to nudge audio frame by frame?

    The only way I have found to move my sync point is by clicking in the waveforms.

  4. Thanks for the response Matt. I will continue...

    Thanks for the response Matt.

    I will continue to adjust those settings to make it optimal.

    Is there a way to make sure RedLine is running? It doesn't show up in Activity Monitor.

  5. RedCine X Build 16 Not using all processor cores.

    Hello All,

    I am sure this has been addressed but I am unable to locate the thread.

    I was tasked on transcoding 5k Epic files to ProRes 444 at 1/2 Premium.

    It took my machine 10 hours to...
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