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    Has anyone done any extensive testing using 5DtoRGB for transcoding from either H.264 or MjPEG footage?
    Is it really superior to MpegStreamClip?
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    I haven't done extensive tests but I do prefer 5DtoRGB over MPeg streamclip for 7D work because it keeps the timecode(TOD) in tact. mpegstreamclip seems to strip the timecode (every transcoded clip now starts at 00:00:00:00) and I havent found a way to get around that.
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    I use the batch version all the time, it's a godsend (especially for DSLR workflows). I can't speak much for MpegStreamClip becuase I've never used that, but the quality is better than FCP's background 422 rendering and it's certainly better than the EOS E1 plugin from canon.
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    I've used it extensively for GH2 workflow. Great results. I immediately get out of the AVCHD world and into ProRes. Also has the ability to go to DPX. I use this in conjunction with QT Change to create files that will travel well through the post process. Not sure what the original question is though. It's useless for Red 4k or any other 4k for that matter. this is a DSLR tool
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