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    If you're unfamiliar with this item here's the original kickstarter video

    They aren't available yet; they're slated for release around June/July. I have an early-backer edition. If you aren't sure about purchasing a SnapFocus you can rent this for $100 per day (or weekend) or $300 for a week to see how you like it.

    The production unit will retail for $1400

    I'll be selling this for $800.

    Here's a picture of my unit on my twitter account:

    Below is an image with all the parts and a video of me using it with an easyrig in an 'under-slung' mode. This can be used with Red (as in video) or with a DSLR.

    Here's me using it to film the Chinese New Year in Melbourne

    Here it is again with a RED
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