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    I've been shooting a lot of talking head interviews, most of the time without a sound guys. So we record the microphone audio directly into the audio inputs on the Epic Brain. Problem is that it is hard to control the camera's audio gain during a shot. (impossible really) As good as the camera is, the audio is every bit as good. For simple audio recording, there really isn't a need for an entire audio kit, just a good microphone and cable. So utilizing the REDLink SDK, I sat down and wrote an iOS application that would expose some of the audio controls of the Brain in the application. It solved my problem of real-time, audio control during filming without needing an extensive audio kit.

    Audio R-Link for iOS will allow you to monitor and control the audio recording levels in real-time while your RED camera is recording, using only the audio controls found in the DMSC Brain and exposed by the REDLink protocol to your iOS device. Audio R-Link will display the audio level data coming from the camera on two large VU meters in the application's interface. The App allows the user to take full advantage of the real-time audio capabilities of the camera. The only extra equipment needed is an appropriate microphone and cable.

    Currently it is limited to controlling just the two microphone/audio inputs found on the RED DMSC Brain. It will not control the Audio inputs found on an attached PRO I/O Module at this time.

    More information can be found here:

    I only have an Epic Dragon Brain to test against. If you have a Weapon, Scarlet, Scarlet-W or Raven and would like to help test the app, please email me at: and I will provide a Promo code to download the app for free. I only have a few codes to give out, so please be certain that are willing to help test and provide meaningful feedback.

    iTunes Link
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    Excited to try it out...many thanks for your efforts!
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    I'd like to use this app, does anyone know if it's available?
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    Very interested.
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    I get an error message in iTunes: Item Not Available. The item you've requested is not currently available in the U.S. store.
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