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    Senior Member Jorge Díaz-Amador's Avatar
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    Apr 2007
    Burbank, CA
    "Mea Culpa" shot on RED ONE #274. I was first AC and part time DIT. DP was Philip Friesenbichler and director was Gabriel Alfonso. We wrapped in early May.

    We shot 4k 2:1, using Zeiss T2.1 primes.
    Jorge Díaz-Amador
    CinemaTechnic, LLC
    Cine Optics Service / Rapid Prototyping
    Burbank, CA USA - in the Hot Rod Cameras building
    Factory Certified Service: ARRI • Angenieux • Canon • Cooke Optics • P+S Technik • Carl Zeiss
    3 2 3 . 6 4 5 . 0 1 6 8
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  2. #42 Two more to the list 
    Senior Member Ido Karilla's Avatar
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    Oct 2007
    Tel Aviv, Israel
    Warrning - d.p Valentin red#53
    Five houres from Paris - d.p Giora Beach red#471 (not sure about #)

    This two films are at offline stages at Edit Studios, Tel aviv.

    One more Israeli film is in production with the red#53
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  3. #43 Shooting RED feature August 1st, 2-3 RED cameras. However, need help.. 
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    Apr 2007
    Hello everyone, great thread on what red features are being shot. I'm already well into pre-production my multiple red camera feature to commence Aug 1st. I'm having a tough time figuring out the best ways to light the red to get my exact look. I wanted to know if anyone who has shot their film would be willing to let me see some of their footage to help me understand how the red responds to lighting as compared to film. I have found it responds different.


    Andrzej Mrotek - Director "Joker's Wild"
    Deviated Films .com
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  4. #44 'Take Me Home' shot on the RED 
    We just finished principal photography on the indie feature 'Take Me Home' shot on the RED

    Jesse M. Feldman, SOC
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  5. #45 The Wiffler 
    Just wanted to share that we're on day 9 of 12, an all Red comedy called "The Wiffler." We're probably one of the first ones to have a B16 feature in the can! I would give a synopsis but why when someone already wrote one...

    The Wiffler
    Director Tommy Reid
    DP Ray Peschke
    Ryo Rex

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    Cinema is the literature of our generations. It’s an ever-increasing part of how we inform ourselves. Accessible technology like RED is key in the spread of Cinema and the telling of more stories. The more stories told, the more we will learn how similar we all are.

    Every time we press those red buttons, no matter how large or small, how bright or how dim, how silent or how spoken, there is one more story being told that otherwise might never have affected humanity. If we continue to think of it that way, continue in the ideals that brought us this technology and continue to do so, that list will grow. People will soak up the diversity they have been unconsciously missing and begin to see the tranquilizing quiet pills they have been sold for what they are. Our Motion Pictures will move people and this revolution will affect much more than a pixel count or a bottom will change the world. It is that big, if we say it is.

    It will not be Hollywood telling these stories that must be told. It is us. This revolution could not be televised...the never had the clarity we do.
    ...amongst the rivers of blood and truth.
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    I'll rally this weekend and get this list updated!!
    Mark L. Pederson
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    Senior Member Jason Diamond's Avatar
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    Dec 2006
    MBS Productions

    Exploding Girl

    Shooting now on RED#1203
    We are Exec Prod/Post Sup.workflow.
    Director is Bradley Rust Gray
    Jason Diamond
    The Diamond Bros.

    Monstro VV Stormtrooper / 8K HELIUM Stormtrooper / 2 x Gemini Packages
    Leica-R Duclos Cinemod 16mm-180mm / Atlas Anamorphic A-Set
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    Emerging Artist Production's
    The Last Job
    Currently in Prepoduction

    The initial investor trailer can be found here
    Sinohui Hinojosa
    Emerging Artist Productions

    PHONE | 408.898.4944
    EMAIL |
    WEB |

    Coming Soon from Emerging Artist Productions -
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    okay folks - I know there are MORE indie features shot on RED than these 42 - (not that that number is insignificant in less than one year) especially from other countries -

    post here and I'll update the list - FEATURE FILMS ONLY - without STUDIO FINANCING please -
    Mark L. Pederson
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