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    Senior Member Dan Blanchett's Avatar
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    Dec 2006
    Los Angeles & the World
    Stacy's Mom

    Shot in April/May in LA with RED, Actioncam, Cooke lenses. Currently in final color correction.
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    A Lonely Place For Dying

    In prep, starting photography next week .Shot on RED B16 with Red Zoom & Nikon glass.
    Andrew Brinkhaus
    Director of Photography
    Los Angeles
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    It's our last week of our 4th indie feature film called Bedmates!

    Director: Laura Neri
    Director of Photography: Gavin Kelly
    Ryo Rex

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  4. #54 RED on RED in Manila 
    Junior Member RedRay's Avatar
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    May 2008
    RED #675 used for HIMPAPAWID (Manila Skies) wrapped up production in mid 2009, the first full-length film in the Philippines to be shot with RED One and exclusively released on ultra-high def format DCP and HDCAM SR
    Official Selection in competition at Tokyo International Film Festival 2009
    Official Selection at Cinemanila International Film Fstival 2009
    Official Selection at Dubai International film festival 2009
    Official Selection at International Film Festival ROTTERDAM 2010
    Director - Cinematographer Raymond Red
    Checkout Hollywood Reporter Review on
    Please visit our site:
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  5. #55 Swedish Comedy 
    Wanted to post we just wrapped day 1 of Swedish Midsummer Comedy, our 5th indie feature, out here in Sweden! We've got Luke Perry and apparently he's quite a deal out here so we're getting treated well!

    Swedish Midsummer Comedy
    Director: Ian Mccrudden
    DP: Dan Coplan
    me: camera op, 2nd unit DP
    Ryo Rex

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    Senior Member Ido Karilla's Avatar
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    Oct 2007
    Tel Aviv, Israel
    "5 hours from Paris"

    First Israeli film shot on Red #371 about to start graiding process at Edit Studios - Tel Aviv.

    Director: Leon Podovski
    Director of Photography: Giora Bejach
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  7. #57 RED #615 from Lightscape (Philippines) shooting "SCAREGIVER" 
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    Jun 2008
    "SCAREGIVER" working title

    We are currently shooting a feature film in Quezon City, under APT Productions using our RED Baby#615. Our basic workflow is to offline in FCP and finish with the Scratch system. This could be the first film of its kind to be shown here.
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    Just shot the feature FORT MCCOY with Eric Stoltz on The Red.

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    Senior Member J. Bernard Vallon's Avatar
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    Dec 2006
    Maryland, USA
    We just wrapped Lebanon, shot in Philadelphia and Lebanon, PA, on Reds. Very talented crew and cast. Directed by Ben Hickernell, DP Marc Jeff Schirmer.
    John Bernard Vallon
    JBV Media
    john (a)
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    Fighting Fish was shot over 17 days on location in Woodstock, NY. Director Annette Apitz, DP Doug Emmett. Picture wrapped September 1, edit is complete in time for Sundance! Build 16 came just in time for us. Very stable, very few problems.
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