I wanted to pass along some information and pointers that you may find helpful as you get to know your RED ONE and accessories.

When you have questions or concerns, we want to make sure you can get them addressed quickly. Here is some basic information about your RED customer support team. You can find Contact Us webforms on RED.com www.red.com/contact_us and can also reach us by phone at +1 949.206.7900, Monday-Friday from 8am to 5pm PT. Via the webforms and telephone, you can contact the following groups:
  • TECHNICAL SUPPORT: For Technical Support of your RED ONE and peripherals, please create a Technical Support Ticket on RED.com or contact us by phone. After hours by telephone, please leave a voicemail for Technical Support and a Technical Support Representative will be immediately paged.
  • SALES AND CUSTOMER SERVICE: To purchase additional RED ONE product, please go to the RED.com Store and select your product for "Buy Now" purchase. Note that all purchases will be be grouped together under your master account that is based on your email address. So, please make sure all purchases are under the same email address so multiple accounts are not created for you. Or, if you would like to contact RED by telephone, please call our main line of 949.206.7900 and select the Purchase option.
  • WARRANTY AND REPAIR: Contact RED by telephone at 949.206.7900 and select the Service and Repair option.
  • RETURNS: Contact RED by telephone at 949.206.7900 and select the Return a Product for Credit option.

Please go to the RED Terms and Conditions www.red.com/terms for more detailed information on warranty, repair, and return policies.

Also, be sure to go to the RED Support section of RED.com www.red.com/support for all the latest firmware, software, and operations manuals.

Some other points:
  • Always read the README files associated with any firmware or software version. They contain really valuable information.
  • When you do Black Shading Calibration, you MUST put on the lens cap or body cap to ensure no light hits the sensor. Please even drape something over the camera. We recommend you do a Black Shading Cal each time you upgrade your firmware.
  • While REDUSER is great for community support, we ask that if you feel that you have a technical support issue, the Technical Support webform us the right avenue to take for diagnosis and resolution.
  • That being said, please make sure it is TECHNICAL SUPPORT question. Since our technicians are on call 24/7 and get paged when this form is submitted, please don't wake them up to ask for wire transfer information or when SCARLET will be released. :)

Thanks and enjoy!