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    Hi, I'm coming from Resolve and trying to get up to speed on Scratch.

    In grading a conformed timeline in Resolve, when I grade one clip, the grade gets applied to every other instance of that clip in the timeline and in the project. This is the default behavior unless I create and apply a different local or remote "version" of the grade, or do a Batch Unlink.

    In Scratch 6.1, it seems when I grade one instance of a clip, the grade doesn't get applied to any other instance of that clip.

    Is this the default behavior?
    If not, how to I restore a more Resolve-like behavior?
    If so, how can I get a more Resolve-like behavior?

    My desire is to grade a clip once and have that grade propagate to every instance of the clip in multiple timelines conformed from different EDLs.

    Lastly, assuming there is a Resolve-like way of applying grades, what is the analogue of Resolve's "local versions" by which I can apply an alternate grade to specific instances of a clip in a timeline?

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    Hi John,
    Yes this is the default behavior.
    As already replied in Creative Cow Assimilate Scratch forum, there are many ways to "group" shots for grading (ie: using the Tray or the Memory buttons).
    Another quick way is to select the shot you graded and use the "Copy Selected". Once done, navigate to the needed Constructs and select "Paste Grade" from the Construct menu.

    Don't expect any "Resolve-like" way in Scratch ;-)

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