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    Any idea if a 3D shooting package (Epic/Scarlet) is available in Bangalore, India. I would need it for about 5-6 days or so. I am in the planning stage now. Pl shoot me a mail if anyone of you have it with details
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    So it been awhile ago
    There are varios Big or Small 3D rigs availble from Hong Kong
    running with RED EPic, MX Sony F3 and Canon c300
    also there are the Panasonic 3DP1 and 3DA1 stereographer
    Percy Fung,
    Baesd in Hong Kong, 1 RED Dragon, 4 RED Epic X and 5 MX
    Film crew and services. 3D stereo native filming and post, with 20 3D stereo Movies credit. Digital Film post, DI, DCP mastering, and 2x 3D stereo Digital Cinema, 3D stereo rigs, and 360 Panorama rig
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