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    Quote Originally Posted by Dominic López View Post
    The ring has two parts, one that mounts directly to the R1 body and the second part (the actual EF mount) attaches to the first. There is an installation manual online that shows the pieces required and how it works. I haven't mounted that one specifically but I have mounted the Birger mount and that was straight forward and easy. I can't imagine the Leitax mount is any different.

    Thanks! i looked through the installation i just didnt know if you needed to buy multiple things from the site to make it work or if just the mount they had included the 2 different rings.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt Brochetti View Post
    I plan on doing this too as soon as i get a RED ONE. Do you only need the 265 Euro Leitax ring for the mount to work? and none of the other pieces they offer which look like replacement parts?
    i dont have my R1 yet but i will in a few months. ill pm you when i get it if i still need it.

    ive also been looking at the FD mount because i know some people who have a bunch of fd primes for cheap.

    thanks for the help everyone!
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    Last time I checked the mount came in 2 pieces that had to be purchased separately. When I was going to purchase the mount (before I went with the Scarlet) the actual EF portion of the mount was sold out. Not sure if that's still the case now.
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    Looks like Leitax have a new, slightly redesigned mount for Canon EF -

    As mentioned on the page, for the R1MX you'll need the first three items on the list. Installation ( is very straightforward, though you want to make sure you do it in an organized, dust-free environment. Taking the mount base off is a bit sweat-inducing but luckily you only need to do it once.

    Been using the mount for several months of shooting so far, works great. The only practical thing to be aware of is that when you tighten the locking ring when mounting a lens, you don't want to clamp it down super tight because if you do, the whole mount can start to unscrew when you try to remove the lens (the mount is locked on its threads but the hex screws that do so are really tiny). So "snug finger tight" is enough and the lens still stays on plenty solid.

    Back focus adjustment is a bit of a hassle compared to the Red PL mount, but on the other hand if you have a known set of lenses you probably won't need to mess with it a whole lot. I just adjusted mine once and it's been fine ever since. I shoot on mostly old manual-focus glass with EF adapters so I like to set the back focus so the lenses go a fraction past infinity focus anyway, just so I don't all of a sudden end up unable to reach infinity if there's a difference with adapter tolerances or some other random variable.

    Good luck!
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    Hi Ajay. Do you still have the mount?
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