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    Here's the scoop. We're in our second week of shooting a feature on #406. Everything has been running great until Saturday. We tried our first render out of an .R3D file to a self contained movie in QT (7.3.1) using H.264, 720x480, at 23.98. We got an error message saying Redcine could not process certain frames. Ever since then Redcine crashes on launch. We have tried every combination of fixes, reboots, and re-installs, to resolve the issue, with no luck. We even reverted to a cloned image of the system we started with, and it still crashes on launch.

    We're on build 14 -- shooting 4k -- 2:1 -- 23.98 -- 8 Proc Mac Pro -- Latest versions of everything except we're running QT 7.3.1 -- Nothing has changed from day one. We know about trashing the Redcine folder in the library when re-installing Redcine. Red Alert even stopped working for a while (we did get it back up and running).

    I'd really appreciate any help I can get on this one. We're all stumped.

    Kelly H.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AIOT View Post
    Here's the scoop. ...
    can you post a logfile?

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    We started launching with the "Redcine Reset" utility, and that seems to be working fine. Now the problem is, Redcine won't let us load files from separate volumes (drives) in the same "project". We also can't save multiple projects if the files are located on separate drives.
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