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    Yesterday was a fairly busy day, and nothing could have accomplished without my morning phone call to the small HD HQ.

    The story unfolds just before 2012 closed out, I received my Scarlet-X in the mail on December 31st, and very quickly, I realized my o-so-terrible iKan 5” monitor simply will not work with my brand new DSMC. So, I had been doing camera and lens test with a 24” Samsung monitor via HDMI.

    It’s all works out for sticks, dolly and even jib shots, but I know this solution isn’t gonna fly for shoulder work. A year a so ago, I used a DP6 for the first time, and I KNEW right away that smallHD was a brand that I need on the field to get things done right. So with this little incident, I went straight to my piggy bank and gather whatever funds I had left shortly after my RED investment for an EVF.

    Now, fast forward to January 7th, 11:30am. I was driving to Cary, NC, six hours before camera starts to roll for a cam test/promo shoot for a feature film that I will be DPing and operating in April. I gave smallHD a call as instructed prior to my arrival at their office to pickup a monitor.

    Within an hour, they built me a DP4 EVF from their shop, FRESH! On top of it, everybody at the smallHD HQ are sub-zero cool, let me play with their new OLED AC7 in the studio.

    After a small nerd talks session, I drove back to Greensboro, NC, lit and built camera on set. Took the freshly built DP4 EVF out of its packaging and locked two LP-E6 in place, the monitor booted right up. In no time, I was racking focus on my caged Scarlet-X with a 50mm Zeiss super speed wide open shooting medium-close off my shoulder rig while I looked through the beautifully made eye piece.

    My director was so pleased with viewing frame on the DP4, we didn’t even bother to setup the 24” monitor. I had not even touch the menu button yet, but this little guy had already revamp my entire shooting experience. Sure, lots of folks up here will say Bomb EVF this and Bomb EVF that, but for the price point and versatility of this field monitor/EVF combo, it might as well be made out of magic.

    The moral of this story is, like RED, smallHD is a startup that cares about the customers yet innovating quality products for us filmmaker. My quick visit to their office was an experience that I could not even get at B&H and certainly not at the terrible “Bad” Buy big box . That’s why I think I will share this on break from shoot.

    Last but not least, a huge thanks to Tiffany at smallHD to get this super last minute order setup and built, you guys made my day!
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    Second that. Their customer service is top notch!
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    I have known Dale, Wes, Reed and a few others behind SmallHD for a few years now. Great people with an awesome vision, and great execution of their vision. I have loved every SmallHD product I've bought... 4 monitors so far. Can't wait to get my hands on that AC7 or DP7 Pro.

    Glad to hear from another happy customer. Enjoy, Rex!
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    They do seem like nice guys... I had suport from them over the weekend last week!

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    i love my dp6 from the first time i switched it on.
    and they will get a lot of applause when the are shipping the new 7" line out, i've already preordered the dp7pro oled :-)
    as well i'm very exited about the upcoming dp7 oled and hb models paired with the paralinx arrow module ;-)))
    this will be really cooooool !!!
    Norbert Jalitsch - Cinematographer & Filmmaker / Vienna / digital still motion worx
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    SmallHD has always been good to me.
    Clint Lealos
    Director of Photography

    Yeah, that's a forklift tattoo. I wasn't always a cinematographer :)
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    I would like to share my experience too.

    I live on the other side of the world here in Singapore. I ordered a DP6 as soon as it came out. Received my monitor on the last few days of a movie I was working on, upon firing up the mon, I realised that part of the screen had a "whitish smear" across it, I tried resetting, turning it on/off several times and it wouldn't go away. After a couple of emails, SmallHD realised it was a defective lcd panel, within the week I got a replacement monitor and the faulty monitor was sent back at their cost.

    That is service for you.

    I own a DP6, DP4 and am waiting patiently for my pre-ordered DP7 Pro Sunbright.
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