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    Quote Originally Posted by Tim Erickson View Post
    That's likely just a stepup ring (S55-72 implies the S is for step up, 55 is the native thread, 72 is the resulting thread) thats been fixed on with loctite. If you can't unthread it manually, try to remove it carefully with heat:
    Ah thank you! Seems to be the issue. I'll take a heat gun to it and give it a shot soon - otherwise will potentially just buy another lens (in poor condition for cheap) and just use the front of that on my good copy

    Thanks again!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tim Erickson View Post
    Was doing some quick analysis of all the C/Y Zeiss primes this weekend. Thought I would share my spreadsheet if useful reference to anyone:
    Thanks! That's really cool.

    Over the last 8 years, under the hypnotic influence of Nick's advice, I've put together my own set of these lenses, all modded by Duclos. Great stuff. Got tired of trying to match various low budget flavors and these produce great images.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tim Erickson View Post
    Was doing some quick analysis of all the C/Y Zeiss primes this weekend. Thought I would share my spreadsheet if useful reference to anyone:
    Dude this spread sheet is insane. Nicely done!!!
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    I’m very happy with my focus rings from, but now I’m thinking about adding aperture rings.

    Any thoughts or experiences to share?

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    Since I only ever use my CONTAX lenses with a Metabones Speedbooster (therefore leaving the original c/y mount intact) and only with sensors approximating s35 in size, I’m considering labelling them with their adapted focal length and aperture.

    So my CONTAX set would be...


    I reckon this will avoid confusion when mixing with other lenses, like rented Standard Speeds with my plain PL adapter/mount.

    Does anyone else do this?
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    One advantage of having a Speedbooster is not using it when you need the original focal length. After all, a simple adapter is not too expensive.
    If this might be an option for you, I wouldn't do what you describe. I suppose you won't have one Speedbooster for each lens ;-)


    My Red is called Vertov after a Russian avantgarde filmmaker, a pioneer in modern cinematography, a true revolutionary who later suffered under Stalin's bureaucracy.
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    I find that the image quality is better with the Speedbooster. So where I have an alternative lens to cover the need with the Speedbooster, I’d rather do that than use a plain adapter. But yeah I’ve tried the adapter swap, it’s easier to just leave the one adapter on though lol. It being easier to swap a lens rather than an adapter.
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  8. #4688 Where to Buy Used Still Lenses: aka A Plug 
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    I've started buying my own collection on AE Contax Zeiss lenses and I wanted to point out a little gem of a camera store in Columbus, Ohio. Full disclosure: I used to work there but moved to the East Coast for DP work. I did buy a used Red Scarlet Dragon there though.

    World of Photography ( is one of those stores that is from another era. Constant used equipment coming in and out (including a clearance room) and lovely people. They'll look for specific gear for you if you want and call when they get it.

    No internet sales so either stop in or give the shop a ring. Feel free to drop my name if you want to as well. Not the same as KEH or B&H, but in a way a lot better.
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    Wow! This forum has been amazing to read through for the last couple of weeks. I have learned so much not just about the Contax Zeiss lenses but just lenses in general. I have been filming on an Eos m using magic lantern and having a good time with some canon FD lenses and a random Leica Summicron 40mm I took off an old rangefinder my mom had.

    I am ready to upgrade and am wondering if anyone here has any Contax Zeiss they would be willing to part with. Hard to find any shipping from within the US and just reading through here I am worried about ordering from overseas. My dream would be to find an MMG 28mm F2 (I know they are hard to find but I would pay top dollar) or an MMJ 35 F1.4.

    Thanks again everyone!
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    I’ve been going back and forth about starting a Contax Zeiss set this year, I tried the 50mm 1.4 MMJ and tested a 2x teleconverter for a 100mm out of it which works great but I just keep wondering why Zeiss doesn’t simply do a new release of these lenses with modern mounts? Surely they have the capability to do that and they’re the ones with the recipe for these magical lenses. The used market has been interesting to see as well, the lenses have been so up and down lately but there’s also a lot of overpriced average and fixer upper samples too that sellers are trying to get top dollar for. If Zeiss just reissued these for modern cameras, they would have quite the hit on their hands.
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