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    We still call shooting digital video "filming." And why not? It sounds cool. In reality though, we live in an age where film is obsolete. Nostalgia aside, the phasing out of film is a good thing for independent film makers who don't have $30,000 for processing in order to screen. Thanks to the advent of recording and projection technology, film makers spend a fraction of the cost their predecessors did 20 years ago.
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    Film is not obsolete.
    Keywordstuffing is.

    If you like film as much as we do and want to preserve the cultural heritage:

    Digital Cinema Mastering - about us

    Digital Cinema Distribution - our services

    DCP encoding - pricing
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    I would also point out that a ton of places around the world basically cost about $10/minute for creating a DCP, perhaps more if you need a KDM and maybe a little more if you need to screen in a DCI-compliant theater. Multiple versions also complicate the process. I worry more about the experience and reliability of the company than I do saving a couple of dollars.
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