I've got a short stereo 3D project that's been edited in After Effects. I'd like to create a DCP from it, and have access to a friend's Cineasset DoReMI.

I found this neat little plug-in that outputs optimised JP2s from AE http://www.fnordware.com/j2k/ It seems to work ok. Bit weird to see all the colours change after I selected Adobe’s “DCDM X′Y′Z′ (Gamma 2.6) 5900K (by Adobe)” profile in AE preferences (as stated in the manual) but I don't think that's anything to worry about. Or is it...?

So, for a 3D DCP I need to output two streams of 2k JP2s which DoReMi will then interleave into one stereo file. My AE project is HD - 1920x1080. But the 2K DCP 3D spec is a tad bigger. Do I need to upscale to 2K before exporting? Or add a black border of a few pixels? Or do nothing?

Any other tips?