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    Quote Originally Posted by Björn Benckert View Post
    The cost about 200k Euro new. Then considering that some of the rigs you mention are about 30 year old... Then again if you find a set of milo precision track for a small sum let me know.
    From memory I don't think you will find a Milo older than 20 years. 25 years ago MR was mainly selling Ceiling mounted rigs, & controlling that odd Mechanical Concepts wobbly rig! The Oldest MR rig was built for Peerless around 1979 it was floor mounted & slightly resemble a Cyclops, but it was never portable. In those days delivery was several years later than contracted!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Björn Benckert View Post
    Just look at a alexa, it's built like one of those mobile phones from the early 80's, something made with german military standards. The truth is that most of these cameras will be used so little before they are outdated so that they might as well just have made them in plastic like a handy cam... I think that is the truth for many redone's, scarlets and epic's as well unfortunately. But epic with it's plastic side grip and other more consumer looking parts is accutally more accurate as I doubt that any of us will shoot with these cameras in 5 years time, then they will all feel like commodore 64 (epic) and VIC20 (scarlet) :)

    I'm not convinced that'll quite be the case, certainly these cameras will be outspecced and outdated by newer cameras down the line. But the image quality is so good on Alexas and Epics currently, that I'm certain they'll have a shelf-life well beyond the time that they become 'obsoleted' by newer cameras. Sure they'll be renting for pennies on the dollar - but that will open them up to rental for smaller productions (who will be delighted with the image quality) so I reckon they'll see use for a long while yet.

    We've already hit a point of diminishing returns with image quality on these 2nd-generation digital cinema cameras, and that makes upgrading and 'better' cameras less relevant than they were before.
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