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    Just a quickie: I'm trying to draw a very detailed mask, I can zoom into the clip, and I can tilt up and down the clip, but cannot find a way to focus, very close up, on the left or right edge of the clip - how on earth do you pan the clip in the viewer? This must be possible, it's driving me nuts - can't find this in the manual, which, I agree is very good indeed!

    OMG - I post this, turn to my desktop, and hit the mouse button - and drag - there it is - sorry to be a dummy...

    Paul :-)
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    The RESOLVE 9 manual is extremely well written, and explains every concept clearly.
    We have printed it and are using it in a film school environment, and students, who normally shy away from reading documentation, find it good too.
    It is a reference book in its own right. Kudos to Hurkman and the DaVinci team for coming forward with a colorist's bible!
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    Very good!
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