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    Quote Originally Posted by Alvise Tedesco View Post
    Red, show some love for the little guys army
    There are more little guys with EPICs and open wallets than there are big movie guys who only rent gear. :)
    Mark Toia
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    Heh, for all we know the silence is because there's a storm on the horizon...

    Christmas is soon isn't it?

    I'm curious though as to why the bigger modules have shipped but the smaller +1 mod hasn't...

    Who knows though, RED no doubt has something awesome as usual lined up for NAB 2013, I'm smelling lenses and some awesome gear in the kitchen
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    Would love to buy this module if it equals the Pix features (minus the monitor) and comes in a SMALL Red form factor!!
    I really want to keep my 15mm LW set-up!

    Praying for:
    - TC master clock
    - TC In
    - TC Out + ability to send master TC wirelessly to the the 744t. (Very cool for doc work, when the 744t is triggered by the camera...)
    - 2 XLR inputs
    - 1 XLR output
    - EVF/LCD port
    - ability to monitor pro-res/DNxHD recording on 5" touch LCD

    Ok, maybe I'm day dreaming too much...
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    +1 for keeping the camera small and versatile. The TOIA module would be something I could leave on the Epic year-round, whereas most of the other modules would only find occasional use. A module that's roughly this size, adding those specific few bits of functionality that the camera really could use (proxy recording, XLR inputs, second LCD/EVF port, and yes, another SDI out would be a welcome addition) would be almost as significant as the sensor upgrade in my opinion. It's amazing how many of the gripes I hear from camera/sound people have to do with these elements.

    I for one celebrate the size of the camera and the versatility it grants me...but these additions would be a no-brainer for me.
    Between the great things we cannot do and the small things we will not do, the danger is that we shall do nothing.
    - Adolphe Monod
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    The technology for new modules is already here in the Meizler, all they need now is to slice it with new casings. I'm sure it's not the hardest thing to create.

    I'm pretty sure next NAB will show Red having a whole bunch of modules, the new sensor, and maybe even a Monstro brain.
    They need to stay ahead of Arri.
    Bérenger B. Brillante
    --Director Showreel--
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    I really hope this module become reality as in Marks pictures. I have over and over again lost customers because they are afraid of the raw format and the workflow. If you say, "Prores" or "DNxHD" it's coolt, but "raw" they run for the hills.

    ... and of course if we get XLR then it's a haleluja moment :)
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    i really hope red is quicker with this module than "begin next year", that feels more like march 2013, that would be way to late. Everyday day missing this option is losing work to alexa's and damaging red reputation. I really hope the manage to get this one out as soon a possible (say within 1-2 months from now, that would help ALOT of people, but also red self
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    +1 for this module. The loss of the ability to use 15mm light weight rods and the growth in size and weight of the Meizler module along with the total price with accessories is cause for second thoughts in my case.
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    Yes, There is a lot in this new module that people don't need that increases the price out of many Red owners budget. Id venture to guess if Red can pull off A Toia Module at a reasonable cost (say 3-4k) that it would immediately become the most popular module and might sell to 70-80% of everybody who owns a Epic or a Scarlett (my WAG). Not to mention how many new buyers would step in from the side lines to buy cameras because they have not wanted to deal with Raw recording.

    This idea is no-brainer, and hopefully in the works.
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    Used our PRo I/o all day today. 2 XLR's in and 3 monitors out...

    I can tell you this much... just doing that make the pro IO hot like a stove. We where running on the AC adapter, but Im not kidding the processing that goes on in there must be quite intense and that is only scaling images and such.I do not know how short the batteries would last but I can not imagine they would last long since it uses so much energy. so if you guys want all your requests in one little unit I think the camera would melt should probably add a little fan in your request... just saying.
    Björn Benckert
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    VFX / Flame / Motion capture / Monstro
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