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    Evening Gents and ladies

    Anyone care to enlighten me where I can figure out how long I can shoot 300FPS in 2K highest compression setting.

    I tired extrapolating this

    But it gave me a strange answer.

    Basic math would be

    276 minutes at 5K 2-1 5:1 at 24 fps

    (24x300)/276=26 minutes of real time recording.

    Is this right???
    Best Regards

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    If you have an iPhone download KataData it's a great Red data calculator app. This is what I get: 17.1 minutes. That's at 7:1 compression which I believe is the maximum at 2K @ 300 frames per second.
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    128GB SSD, 2K WS @ 24FPS @ 8:1RC = ~300min
    So based off that, 300FPS being 12.5x that of 24FPS....
    128GB SSD, 2K WS @ 300FPS @ 8:1RC = ~24min

    So you should get under 24min I believe.

    On a test with a 64GB and 128GB card, black frame, 300FPS 2K WS, 7:1, recording ~1 minute gave me a R3D of 6.7GB, so on a 128GB card I would get roughly ~19minutes total.

    Of course this is a Black Frame being recorded , in comparison a test with motion and detail, 1minute gave me roughly 6.9GB.

    Hope this helps a little bit
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    a frame is a frame ...

    I think the calculation in the sticky about record times shows 0.66Gb per min at 7:1 compression 2K and 24fps. that works out at 1440 frames = 0.66Gb
    300 frames = 0.1375 Gb - that's 1 sec.
    1 minute of that = 8.25Gb
    so a 256 card should give you about 30 - 31 mins (all relative of course) at 7:1 in 2K
    of course I could be missing something :-)
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