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    [COLOR=#FFFFFF !important]This is my first post to this site, so if I need to give any additional information or give it differently, let me know and I will appreciate it.

    I learned to edit in Avid in the 1990s at a commercial post production house, I became a freelance editor in 2001 and soon after learned FCP, now, after FCPX came out I learned Premiere. I currently work at a production company that's main features are the RED Epic and RED One.

    Currently I am working on a project that includes GoPro, 7D, RED footage and graphics created in AE, most of the media is on a Lacie RAID, some is on a crappy Western Digital FW800 drive . I am running OS X 10.6.8 on a Mac 8 core 2009 Nehalem with two NVIDIA Quadro 4000 graphics cards. I have all of the recent drivers for the cards and RED importer plugins for Premiere installed.

    I am currently working on a :30 spot including the three formats I mentioned above, the edit went fine, no playback problems, rendering did seem to take quite a while, but since I am working with a 4K sequence that is understandable. The real problem is that when it comes time to output, both a direct export from Premiere and a AME export will not complete (at least not in 10 hours. The output usually doesn't crash, it just hangs at seemingly random places in the edit. There are no effects on the timeline other than a few crossfades, there are only two video layers: one video, one graphics.

    I recently installed 32GIGs of new RAM and had it replaced after I was having a lot of crashes while outputting (now it doesn't crash, it just hangs). I have reinstalled Premiere, updated all plugins and drivers, unistalled old versions of all Adobe products, zapped my PRAM, used disk utility to verify and repair the main hard drives, output many, many different compressions from uncompressed 10bit YUV to smaller H264s. When I take the drives to another computer with the project, it outputs just fine.

    If anyone could offer any advice at all of what to do next I would greatly appreciate it. My next step will be to reinstall OSX and the software again in the morning.

    Thank You,

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    This forum is monitored by Adobe to some degree, and is where all the Adobe users congregate:

    I'll make a quick suggestion.

    Output to a 4K image sequence. And then process this image sequence in AE for your final output.

    With an image sequence, you can watch the progress taking place (and tell if it is hung), and re-start it at the frame where it got hung.
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