A little note to those who want to avoid purchasing the RED Touchscreen LCD for the Scarlet. I just was testing a few things for the Z-Boys and it seems that quite a few folks believe that they can just get a side handle and use their existing HDMI monitors or EVF's instead.

While the Z-EVF and monitors like those from SmallHD will indeed work great for focusing and reference, they will not display any of the drop down and submenus RED uses on their touchscreen to allow for fast and accurate camera settings or adjustment.

It's probably possible to just use a side handle, but the experience would be very clunky indeed and would probably fall short if you needed to do anything critical like black balancing or updating the camera.

I'm not sure if the lack of these menus is an HDMI limitation or simply RED's will, but in the end if you want to play in the RED sandbox you'll have to pony up a certain amount of cash for the spec equipment. RED's touchscreen LCD is basically a requirement and your Z-EVF or similar device will be the icing on the cake.

Obviously this is a no-brainer to most here, but I thought I'd write this to clarify. I've now heard of several of these incidents...enough that folks have contacted me to check on a few things. Hopefully it'll avoid some unneeded blame and customer service hassles for a few folks.