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    Axel will existing license holders get this faster node as an upgrade ?
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    Hi Bing,

    existing license holders can buy an upgrade, as this is actually a new product (due to also licensing third party developments as part of the solution).

    The old RenderNode will still work unless you upgrade it for higher speed. We dropped selling the slower original RenderNode, as we learned that everyone buys DCP software "last minutes", so conversion speed is ALWAYS an issue.
    The original users can upgrade from RenderNode to SpeedPack RenderNode for Euro 299 plus VAT (if applicable) per RenderNode license.
    You gain typically at least 4 times faster rendering. Some users reported their machines are even faster than that now.

    Axel Mertes, CTO/Founder
    Magna Mana, Frankfurt am Main, Germany,
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    Dear Axel,
    I'd like to ask some questions on the FinalDCP forum. I've registered there but my username is inactive for more than a week since registration. I also can't contact an administrator because there is no a link to hem/her. Please help me to solve that problem.
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