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  1. #1 RED at Berlinale??? 
    Is there any RED event at Berlinale??
    By the way, it seems that the color of Berlinale is... RED
    Renato Falcão - A.B.C.
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    Somehow, yes :)

    We will be showcasing our RED ONE during a Berlinale Breakfeast to be held in our Berlin facilities on February 13th, 10am to 2pm, serving some spanish food and showing the footage from our recent production for "Cold Storage" there. We've invited a bunch of camera men and soon owners / users of RED ONE plus some producers...

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    I'll be back in the US on the 13th, too bad... I'd love to see you footage.
    Renato Falcão - A.B.C.
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    bummmmer maaaaaaaaan... i'll be leaving on the 12th.

    i'll be at the berlinale at the 10th.. will be wearing exactly what i'm wearing in the avatar.. only it'll be dark brown colored.

    Dodge caravan history
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