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    Hi everybody

    Im working with the latest version of Scratch and I have a question about relinking files.
    Ive imported some files from a hard-drive to a construct, Afterwards, Ive imported more files from another hard-drive in a new different construct but in the same project. After that I closed de project and disable the first hard drive I used.When I reopened the project,Scratch obviously cant find any media for the first construct.
    Now I have everything in the same HDD
    I want to know how to relink that first media
    I know that I can import files again, but i would miss what I have done in the construct.
    What should I do?
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    In Construct 1, do a Ctrl+A to select all the offline shots, then enter Media Browser (selected shots should be highlighted) and use "Find Media" in the "Files" tab.

    Hope this helps.
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