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  1. #1 Ivy Bridge can decode multiple 4K streams simultaneously... 
    I know this has been mentioned before, but the Ivy bridge HD 4000 graphics part of the
    Ivy Bridge CPU really has 4K in it's "hardwires" per se:

    "Anticipating increasing demand for resolutions beyond 1080p in Ivy Bridge’s life cycle,
    Intel adds support to the MFX for 4096x4096 video decoding. In fact, Intel’s Jiang even
    claims the MFX can decode multiple 4K streams simultaneously."

    It's all here on this recent article (halfway down page):,3181-7.html

    Wonder if Redcine-X pro could take advantage of this somehow in the future, maybe the encode
    to H.264.

    This is what I see a lot of those 4K TV's being fed by... a computer that you will be surfing in one quadrant,
    of the 4K screen, in another watching a full HD movie or sports game, then in another have email/tweets running,
    and maybe in the fourth doing work or running some program.

    Multitasking taken to a whole new level.
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    Don't get all hot and bothered. Ivy Bridge is completely and utterly worthless for 4K because the GPU doesn't do 4K. It just decodes 4K video streams on the hardware side, which many GPUs can do. Even my GTS 450 does it with the latest drivers. If you want 4K and Intel, Haswell should fit the bill from what Intel is saying, and that comes this time next year.
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    Yeah, also aren't .r3ds proprietary? Which means their hardware decoding can't be done on just any hardware unless it's explicitly licenced from RED to do so (hence REDrocket). And something tells me Intel doesn't give a crap about such a niche application.
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