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    Even after all these years I'm still so impressed with what sound can do to a picture. We've all been looking at the posted RED footage under microscopes for quite a while. Understood and expected because this is, after all, why we're here. BUT - I'm such a sucker for sound. Even a little bit of ambience or music just helps pull this from a camera evaluation to a "movie". I can't wait to get our cameras. It is very cool how this camera/the idea of this camera is adding new life to old loves. Its contagious. I find myself spending so much more time thinking and studying about scoring and sound design, VFX, graphics, grading etc... No matter what your expertise, it's great to keep the passions alive! But I love that sound. Its a movie makers best friend or worst enemy.
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    I hear ya... ;)
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    i agree with you . for me any film consist of 50% as image and 50 % sound..:bleh:
    and it will be very powerfull if it is synced correctly
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