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    Reading through the Red users manual and I saw this:

    "A 0dB reference voltage level of 0.775V provides approximately 8dB of headroom above reference. Microphone pre-amplifier gains should be adjusted accordingly (i.e. 8dB lower) e.g. With an Azden SGM X1 microphone rated at -41dB sensitivity, set the microphone pre-amplifier to (41 – 9) = 32dB for optimal recorded signal quality."

    I have a Sennheiser 416. I can't find a sensitivity rating in decibels anywhere on the net, I can only find it in "mv/pa"

    I found a converter online that changes mv/pa to decibels, but I am still a bit weary and thought I would ask all of you if you knew what the 416's sensitivity rating was.

    The conversion told me it was aproximately -32db, which means for optimum results I should set the gain on the Red to about 23db.

    I've shot some stuff with the camera gain on 20db and again on 33db and they both sounded fantastic. I shot some whispering dialogue from 7 feet away and the level meters werent even lighting up and the audio sounded great! It would still be nice to know what to aim for though, gain-wise...

    Would anyone like to confirm my research for me? :innocent:
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    The paperwork that came with my 416 would seem to confirm your findings. The graph that that the microphones frequency response is plotted on it is labeled -

    0 dB = 25 mV/Pa = -32 dBV

    Unfortunately I think the gain setting you will want to set is going to be highly dependent on the conditions you are recording under.

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