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  1. #1 How do the in Camera Settings affect the R3Ds ? 
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    I understand that the ISO, Temperature etc are meta date but if my in camera settings are:

    Color Space: Redcolor3
    Gamma Space: RedLogFilm

    How do these effect the R3D files? I plan on using RedCine-X Pro for transcoding but not Color Correction. We'll be using a Base Light system. Any information would be useful. I would also consider RedGamma3 but from what I understand Log is the way to go if we you're going to a more advanced DI like Baselight.

    Thank you!
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    They are like the iso and temperature, only meta data in other words so you can change them at any point down stream as long as you are in r3D format. So if you grade from the r3d's in the base light then the colorist can select any of the gamma settings wanted.
    I find it best to have red gamma 3 in camera so it looks some what nice on the screens and then flip it over to redlogfilm when doing the final grade.
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    Color space and gamma space are meta data just like ISO and color temperature.
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    Bare in mind, how you monitor will mess with your perception and physical settings for on-location exposure (f-stop, ND, and shutter)... For example, if you're using RedLOGfilm to view, you may underexpose a little as nothing ever looks crushed/black/dark. That's why people say watch the goal posts to ensure you're not going under or over, and use RG2 or RG3 to make sure the scene isn't slightly underexposed across the board.
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