Thread: Anyone done business with Ravi Sambhwani?

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    Thanks guys, this helps a lot! I wonder why he was banned!!!
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    Im talking to him right now about a pair of oconnor sticks. Has anyone ever personally not received product or has been sold a false product from him?
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    I bought a 27k lens from Ravi and we have come close to 2-3 other deals.
    Ravi is a good man.
    Camera Rentals
    Washington DC, Baltimore, Mid Atlantic region
    Facebook page for updates
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    I bought brand new Oconnor CFF-1 and matte box of him.
    A friend picked up the products from him, reliable and very helpful guy

    I recommend!
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    Ravi is a Stand-up Guy!
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    Why did he got banned?
    I almost bought from him just this past week.
    He quoted me a couple Oconnor 2575's & Ronford tripod systems.
    Ravi seemed very legit to me & never once did I suspect any fraud.
    But in the end his pricing just couldn't beat what West Coast Cine Video offered from the start.
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    Ravi is stand-up.

    He was banned because I think the moderators felt he posted too many things for sale at once. Hopefully they will release his ban soon.
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