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    So Iíve read in some topics discussing import duties and what not for RED products. Obviously there are different taxes depending on what type of item is shipped to you and where youíre receiving the said item. Some have stated to be careful with FedEx because if your order is scattered into different shipments they may just use the highest taxed item percentage for all of the shipments. My question is, how do I find out if that happened to me? I just received my third shipment which was the Scarlet Brain (SWEET!); my first shipment received were accessories (chargers, batteries, media cards, and reader), and my second was the LCD screen (still waiting on the handle).
    Sooo I guess that leads me to my follow up question. Is there even a point to pursue the answer since I already paid the taxes and received the bulk of my items other than expanding my knowledge on how FedEx taxed their shipments? If they did incorrectly tax certain items is it possible to get a reimbursement? Iím living in Taiwan btw, although I donít think that would factor into my answer.
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    The documentation you get from FedEx (in Australia at least) has full details of what tariff or duty was assessed on each item in the consignment so there can't be any surprises. Red supplies the Tariff Code for each item and most countries publish their tariff lists so where is the secret or the conspiracy?
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    We received our Epic M package (:DDDD) February 17th, with almost all the aks.. we then received 3 more packages (monitor and redmote, side handle, lenses).. we asked our Red Squad Rep to send us the final invoice which contains the Customs Commodity Codes in advanced and sent them to a customs clerk in order to be prepared for when the items arrived.

    Fedex did a hell of a job delivering really quickly all the final documents needed and we payed only the percentages specified by our law (Paraguay) for each item..

    Donīt know if that helps!
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    Ale that does help. Thanks buddy. I guess I just need to investigate it a little more myself.
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