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  1. #1 Scarlet waiting to be picked up by FedEx for 3 days... 
    After waiting for nearly 4 months to get my Scarlet, I finally got allocated last week and was told by my BS rep that it would ship out on Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday morning. It's now Friday and, according to the tracking number I received, my camera is still apparently sitting at RED waiting to be picked up by FedEx. The original delivery estimate was yesterday; but the camera still hasn't left RED. WTF. Totally unprofessional handling of shipment.
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    May be a glitch in FedEx tracking system. Have your rep look into it.

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    Yes. I haven't heard back from him.
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    Your Rep has filed a ticket with our Logistics Department we are waiting for an update.
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    Thanks for the update.
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    Only 4 months?

    Back in my day we had to wait almost 2 years for our Red One...

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    This one time.... I waited like 2 years for an EVF.
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    This one time I waited 2.5 years for my RED Pro Primes set.
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    I'm seeing the same thing on some smaller items from Red shipped via Fedex. Just wondering if the impending (now current) solar storm has anything to do with it? Probably not, but I think we need to use these extraordinary events as scapegoats, to their full extent. Otherwise, they would not be useful in any way.
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