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    Found a good reversible neoprene sleeve for SSDs. Just did a little seam clipping and presto SSD sleeves. I figure I can use RED/Black to help distinguish which have been used etc. They fit nice and tightly into my pelican case too.
    (Get them from YesAvenue not UnitedIntegral. United Integral has slow shipping).
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    I just grabbed a couple of these too.. Lowe Pro 'Dublin 10' pouches. Neoprene and have a belt loop. perfect fit and not too bulky..

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    I like the look of those Lowe pouches.
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    thanks gavin, just ordered a bunch
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    Our favorite:

    Proporta's trademark "Screen Saver System", with a sheet of lightweight aircraft grade Aluminium protecting against crushing and screen damage.
    Pull out tab allows easy removal from pouch.
    Handcrafted from finest quality leather
    Fits the Apple iPhone 4S
    Lifetime Warranty

    We auditioned a bunch of them and these are the best we came up with. A little more pricy, but when you consider what the Redmags cost, not so bad.
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    Damn guys, no kidding you bought a bunch of them! One left in stock! haha. Very nice, I'll pick some up on the next batch I suppose :)
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