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  1. #1 Another ultra-light steadicam/glidecam kickstarter

    "It's really cool." - Tony Gaudioz, Director of Photography and Camera Operator on "HOUSE, M.D."

    I guess if you're going to do something stupid like shoot a movie on an iphone or DSLR you might as well do it right. :D Maybe they'll shoot this season's finale on the iPhone to one-up the year before last's. ;)

    Scarlet/epic would probably be wayyyy too heavy though to support with one hand. Maybe they'll make vest-supported version in the future.

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    Um, how do you steer it in motion? Not hugely thought out...

    They need to talk to some Steadi ops.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cail Young View Post
    Um, how do you steer it in motion
    use the force! duh!

    actually, it is well thought out i think, but perhaps not well explained yet. there has been a delay getting out instructional demo online due to some people having the flu. hopefully in the next day or 2 we will update the kickstarter page.

    to understand how this little guy works, you have to first understand this started as a small camera, consumer friendly device. it wasnt even expected to hold a dslr. the way you fly the camera is by putting a finger under the bottom beam, directly below the gimbal. this gives you balanced control at a leverage point. to us, this was the easiest control method for "non steady cam ops" - and the experienced users also liked it.

    now, for people you ARE seasoned steadicam ops, there is a flight control handle with the pro kit (and will eventually be an inexpensive add on at retail). this handle can be mounted directly under the gimbal for traditional low influence control, as well as on the bottom beam for more leverage. it can even mount to the side or anywhere else there is an accessory slot.

    so basically, it pretty much covers any preference of control you might have. it even works fairly well one handed with heavier cameras, but that is not really recommended.

    now as far as the scarlet and epic goes, weve had a few people asked now. the short answer is YES, it will hold a scarlet with a smaller canon lens, and balance it. however as gavin points out, youd really not want to hold it in one hand. having said that however, the handle has a 3/8" docking pin slot which could be used to mount to steadicam and glidecam arms rated to the scarlet's weight. the handle is also removable in 5 seconds and will mount to a number of future accessories with the scarlet in mind. the max recommendation will be about 20 lbs for the entire "floating" rig. that should cover a scarlet, small lens, monitor and battery (plus the microsteady itself).

    if you have any questions about the rig, and about using it with a red, or suggestions on improving it or making it more appealing, feel free to let us know!

    thanks for the interest
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