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  1. #1 Red Rocket or some other solution for playback and transcoding 
    I am a screenwriter and Epic owner who has unfortunately let my knowledge of current technology wane a bit so I am hoping the many helpful people here can help me with my question.
    Red is pressuring me to complete my Red Rocket discount by Monday morning or lose the $3000 price.
    I am somewhat reluctant because it seems that the Red Rocket might be due for an upgrade soon. (hopefully incorporating the new Thunderbolt protocol)
    I have a few questions:
    I have been editing in FCP studio 3 and will probably start looking at FCP X and Premier Pro CS 5.5 soon.
    I have a Mac Pro (2x3Ghz Quad Core Intel) And I will likely Purchase a MacBook Pro With thunderbolt for location work.
    I am a little bit turned off by the idea of the "solution" of having the express slot adapter to esata adapter to the Red Mag Reader and am hoping a more compact solution comes along regarding the new thunderbolt standard and am hoping to see if Red implements this technology soon in their product line - as I am sure they eventually will.

    My first question is regarding transcoding times without the Red Rocket. Is there a method such as with Premier Pro with a robust nvidia card to provide adequate transcoding? or is it merely for editing and will not increase the speed to get the footage into formats other than the Red Code?

    Or is there any other solutions on the immediate horizon which tackles the transcoding times or is RED rocket so overwhelmingly faster than any other possibility that I should just cough up the money now?

    Also I'm assuming that FCP X will eventually add native support for Red Native files. If that occurs, then is it the case that the need to transcode becomes moot?

    Thank you in advance
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    Could be anywhere in the world today.
    We are all wishing and praying for the same thing... a Portable, fast Thunderbolt RED ROCKET... but alas... I doubt we won't see anything like this in the near future. (hoping Im wrong) ...

    Just buy it and live long and prosper...

    Its the only way to make RED POST simple, easy and fast.... (unfortunately)
    Mark Toia
    Director / DP / Founder of Zoom Film & Television
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    what Mark said.

    I was reluctant, too and also hoped for a red rocket 2.0 but since I bought the rocket I don't know how I could work without one before!
    best wishes and kind regards,
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