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    Hello. I would like to have the bnc connector on the Epic brain protected in case someone pulls the cable. I have seen that some people have some kind of very short cable and tide it up to some part of the Brain so if something pulls only that cables gets broken not the brain part.

    I can't seem to find a very short cable.

    Would something like these work?

    Any ideas?


    Ivan C.
    Epic-X 1053 "Colorada"
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    I have a short BNC and tie it to the rods and then T off of it.
    Dave Weber

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff Garton View Post
    Same here. Perfect solution.
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    Hi Ivan, the first 2 links you posted will give you the correct connectors, but they are not designed for HD digital signals, so the chances are slim.

    If you need to go a cheap route you can have a short hd-sdi cable made up fairly cheaply. You need Male - Female. Just cable tie it to your rails or something like that, that's fairly standard practice. As the other guys mentioned though, there are more elegant solutions., just depends on your needs.

    As an absolute worse-case scenario - even if you don't have something like this set up, always cable tie or velcro cables that are going off camera to your rails or other support.. even if you don't have a short lead coming off the camera, if your long expensive cable gets broken, it will always be better than breaking your camera. Rails and support mounts are your friend..
    Seth Larney
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    Mr. Cortazar, you can use a short BNC between 2-3 feet and bnc barrel connector + velcro or bongo ties.
    Here's some links:

    All the best!
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    Or a female BNC to female RCA connector and run all RCA cable. If someone pulls or trips on the RCA it will come out without tearing up the camera.
    A Peter Strietmann

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peter Strietmann View Post
    Or a female BNC to female RCA connector and run all RCA cable. If someone pulls or trips on the RCA it will come out without tearing up the camera.
    If you go this route, just make sure you can test the RCA cable before u buy as these are generally rates for SD compite signals and not the bandwidth of SH-SDI.. although some may work ok.
    Seth Larney
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