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    Quote Originally Posted by Simon N View Post
    Hi Alan... it's not a distrust, I just want to understand why HMRC have told me one thing in the past and now it seems the classification has shifted. I had understood from Red in the US that the Red One was a "Video Digital Still Camera" . All the variants of the Taric code 8525 80 do indeed show a duty of 4.9%, however using the Red One as the yardstick, I still can't see why the classification of the Epic is not 8525.80.30 - a digital camera. I appreciate whatever C&E says goes, but as per my previous post, my import of the Red One was zero rated and verified by HMRC so I don't see why the Epic is any different. There was a lot of confusion at the time when you had to import from the US re taric codes and there were those that paid high import duties which we did not.

    Like I said, not a distrust, it's just I don't get it.
    Fact remains that an individual import can be open to interpretation.
    A different HMRC officer can elect to choose a different rate at the point of entry if he chooses.
    We have elected to press for an agreed tariff which we now use at every import, and we are confident that this rate is correct and will withstand challenge.
    The zero rate code does not stand close examination - all RED cameras will fall outside of the given parameters of that code.
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    Custom officers are able to learn too, believe it or not. So, those who got their R1 classified as "video digital still camera" were just lucky at the time. BTW, the largest CF card at the time was 8 GB, and the recording time was under the limit for European import as a moving image camera. Meanwhile they understood that Epic and Scarlet are incredible moving image cameras and the authorities want their share…


    My Red is called Vertov after a Russian avantgarde filmmaker, a pioneer in modern cinematography, a true revolutionary who later suffered under Stalin's bureaucracy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alan Piper View Post
    The camera is with us Norbert, and our tech manager Chris will contact you when it is in process.
    We expect to get the camera into to eval within 5 days of it arriving with us.
    Thanks for the quick feedback... We are ready to pay :-))))
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