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    Very nice.
    Lee Dashiell
    Osprey Production Group
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    This is the final piece of the puzzle to make my Epic system a reality. Very exciting to hear some news! Thanks Jarred.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vladimir Eugene View Post
    Signing up for beta testing sir
    You can be in line right behind me!
    - Jeff Kilgroe
    - Applied Visual Technologies, LLC | RojoMojo
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    Looking good. If we can get smooth iris like that on the canon!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jarred Land View Post
    If you took away everything that is great about the DSMC program.. and only left the fact that you can change between Canon, Nikon, PL, PV, RM and Leica-M mounts in less than a minute and use all the random optical jewels from various companies from the past, present and future.. it would still be quite revolutionary. A Glass lover's dream come true. And the majority of those mounts being electronic? Icing on the cake.
    What is a RM mount? Red mount? Great to see a glimpse of the future. Thank you. I suppose we will have to wait for the Red Electronic Lenses to see the RedMote-Pro. The idea of controlling focus on Nikon/Canon/Red makes me truly excited.

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    As a nikon guy this rocks!
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    Jarred, will we be able to use older Nikkor lenses that are Non-AI with F Nikon mounts?
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    nice job RED.....

    that is definitely something I doubt you will see the competition copying....

    Jarred....are you guys looking into adjustable focus speed for the existing canon mount....or is this even possible to do smoothly
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    Just made my day. Love my RPPs, but this will make my travel kit so much smaller and lighter. Can't wait!
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