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  #1 REDgamma3 and REDcolor3 update... 
    Red Leader Jannard's Avatar
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    Sorry for the delay... lots of testing and tweaking before we release it.

    This is worth waiting for. The improvement is incredible.

    I am opening footage from 4 years ago and it looks spectacular! No curves or WB tweaks. Graeme's miracle.

    The monitoring path looks much better. The files open looking so good. Skin is much improved. Overall... this is why you shoot REDCODE RAW.

    Just a bit more time. We really want to get this right before release. Bare with us...

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    Thank you for the update Mr. Jannard. Excited for when you release it. :-)
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    We're waiting. Patiently. The stuff we're already using is plenty good. Better will be icing on a really good cake. ;-)
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    You're the man.
    thank you
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    Can't wait to see it!

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    Take Your time - it's not like the version 2 sucks... ;o)
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    No worries. Take your time guys and make it "mo' bettah".
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    Senior Member Zack CC's Avatar
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    I'm really excited, although Im not sure if I'm more excited for RC3/RG3, or just the fact that Build 11 of REDCine-X Pro will hopefully work on my computer... for some reason my configuration makes it impossible for me to use builds past build 7, so for me if Build 11 works, Ill be getting 4 builds worth of upgrades at once :D
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    Thanks for all the fantastic work. Just one wish: would it be possible to have either something out of RC that is totally untouched or a redgamma lut to apply to cg work to make it match. Or best of all both, so that we can apply cg to tehematerial before the lut. And when I'm at it, what about a chroma keyer in RC?

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    Thanks for the update Jim, I'm sure it will be worth it ;)
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