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    Quote Originally Posted by Jannard View Post
    When the RED ONE was announced, we were called a scam.

    When EPIC was released, we got everyone's attention with its price/performance/size.

    The stuff we are working on now leapfrogs the imagination.

    I am holding things in my hand that are conceived from Mars. But will be made in the USA.


    What were you called when you didn't release the Fixed Scarlet?

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    Great for the hype and new future products but can we have the one that you guys already make? still in backorders for months. I want to buy but I know i wont get it for a while. Are you guys still up for the March end of backorder status? so that when we buy it ship very very quickly?

    Keep up the good work guys

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    Quote Originally Posted by Felix K. View Post
    What were you called when you didn't release the Fixed Scarlet?

    The answer should be "bold". Any other company would have released that camera, seeing as though that would be the easy way out. That's what separates RED from other companies is their commitment to building a better camera no matter what.

    Let other companies figure out a blueprint for a 3K small sensor camera... and tell them good luck when their resolution falls short of the inevitable wave of 4K displays that are on the horizon. Not blowing smoke, just being real.

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    You know what would impress me, if they could figure out a way to delivery their products on time, now that is some technology I want. Love the product but dealing with the company is a nightmare sometimes!



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