Download the latest version from the website :

works as a demo version with 5 clips or as a full version / free upgrade for those with a license

Edits :

see this post for infos on the latest version, including support for QT movie clips

and this one about Dragon and MXF support

(old video showing only R3D features, not updated to show QT support or latest additions yet)

- foolcat lets you create rich HTML and pdf catalog of R3D clips with image thumbnails and extensive metadata / RMD informations (supports RED One, EPIC and Scarlet)

foolcat works with up to 5 clips per catalog in demo mode

A LOT of metadatas are displayed in a compact space in the HTML catalogs (including HDRx values, camera firmware, color curves, alchemy settings, linked audio info etc)...

You can check a demo catalog, here :

companion app foolmeta is being re-coded at the moment so is no longer included in foolcat 2.0... but you can use the old version from foolcat 1.26 :

- foolmeta lets you add custom user metadatas (Project, Scene, Shot, Take, Notes, Rating, Color Label, Circled take etc) into RMD sidecar files, and is 100% compatible with REDCINE-X metadatas. You can add them in batch to a whole folder and also on a clip by clip basis.

sneak peak at the future (no ETA) :