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  1. #1 Kessler Crane CineSlider Group Buy - Feb 2012 
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    This group buy is now closed.
    Thanks to all for participating.

    For those who don't know them, Kessler Crane makes some great camera support equipment, amongst them a very good camera slider, the CineSlider. I like them for the versatility they offer; you can use them horizontally and vertically, change the drag settings, yet they are still portable. They can be motorized either for live-action or for time-lapses with motion. They have a solid build quality and can take anything from a DSLR to a fully fitted RED One, with a load capacity up to 80lbs.

    There have been group buys with them in the past, and since I want to buy one I inquired if they were interested in a new round. They are.

    Please don't ask for a larger rebate, Kessler Crane is a relatively small shop and 15% is a great offer on an already great price.

    We now have way more than the required 10 people, but you can still join. Ordering has started, and the special code will work until Friday. You can still join, but please don't do it at the last minute — experience proves that things can and will go wong (like yesterday, when my internet went in the whole area). Please see post #33 for details.

    List price for the 3ft version is 1.200 USD - with a 15% rebate 1.020 USD
    List price for the 5ft version is 1.700 USD - with a 15% rebate 1.445 USD

    Update: The discount will also apply to the drop down options listed under the “CHOOSE YOUR OPTIONS” section of the product page.

    Update II: I PM'd everyone with the code. Check you inbox. Happy shopping :)

    I'm not making any money off this (besides the 15% I'll be saving.)

    I'll update the list. Please post if you want to participate, stating which length you would prefer.

    1. Martin Weiss, 5'
    2. Jason Sturgis, 5'
    3. Andrew Martin, 5' (march)
    4. Donald Mckinnon, 5'
    5. Chad Lancaster, 5'
    6. Frank McPartland, 5'
    7. John Brennick, 5'
    8. Rod Bradley, 5'
    9. Christopher Barrett, 3'
    10. Christian Felder, 5'
    11. Meryem Ersoz, 5'
    12. Matt Elkind, 5'
    13. Matt Elkind, 3'
    14. Sid Idris, 5'
    15. Matt White, 5'
    16. James T Mather, 5'
    17. Victor Trichkov, 5'
    18. Les C., 3'
    19. Keith Booton, 3'
    20. Maz Mawlawi, 5'
    21. Yusuf Thakur, 5'
    22. Fabrice M, 3'
    23. Jeffrey Loewe, 3'
    24. Michael Ou, 3'
    25. Erwin van Dijck
    26. Jeff Garton, 5'
    27. Carlos de Varona, 3'
    28. Bruce Allen, 3'
    29. Morning Glory, 3'
    30. David Lee, 3'
    31. Terry Martin, 3'
    32. Michael S. Ferguson, 5'
    33. Felipe Leite, 5'
    34. Mitch Martinez, 5'
    35. Rory Hinds
    36. Ben Smith, 5'
    37. Michael Mayda, 5'
    38. J. Andrés Cardona, 5'
    39. David Gibbs, 5'
    40. Dave Digby, 5'
    41. Peter Chang, 5'
    42. Jeffrey Lamont Brown, 5'
    43. Carlos de Varona
    44. Tom Jay Smith
    45. Mike Ferguson
    46. Will Newman
    47. Anthony Young
    48. Michael Jarvis, 5'

    Last edited by Martin Weiss; 02-25-2012 at 04:48 PM. Reason: updated list
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    +1 .. I have 1, Great Piece of Equipment + smart motorize features (sold separate)
    No, I do not RENT MY GEARS... - NYC (Times Square)

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    Kessler Cineslider is great, I dont regret buying ours for a minuite.
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    Hi Martin,
    I'll take one, the 5' slider. Thanks for organizing this.
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    any chance the "elektraDRIVE BUNDLE PACKAGE with ORACLE Controller" can be added with the 15% discount?
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    Been using my 3 foot Kessler Cineslider for a while now. Highly recommended. Pretty much comes with me on every shoot. Highly considering getting the 5 footer with this deal.
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    I'll take a 5ft one but might not be able to purchase it till next month due to my Epic-X arriving earlier than i thought.


    Twitter @andimartin

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    5 ft-let me know what i need to do next.
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    I'll take a 5-footer please.
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    Senior Member Chad Lancaster's Avatar
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    Somewhere in the southwest
    ill take a 5 ft
    Chad Lancaster
    ICON Motion Pictures

    Now Filming "The Southwest"
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