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1) Petrol Red Bag (PRB-15)
I have a smaller Petrol bag for my trusty old Panasonic AG-HPX170 (which doesn't see a lot of use these days) and I love it. It's a really lightweight, sturdy bag and it even looks quite nice as camera bags go. It has never failed me. This bag is designed for use with the Red One, but I'd imagine that I could make it work just fine for my Scarlet. Any arguments for or against this assumption? Any prior experiences with the bag for your Epic or Scarlet? Any experience using it with a Red One? I'd assume that it has great build quality just like the other Petrol bag that I have, but any comments to the contrary? According to B&H the product has been discontinued. Any other places where you'd suggest I look to get a new one or am I basically limited to used bags at this point?
Hey Nick,
i dit not know that Petrol makes bags special for REd cam's. From this 4 bags, i would prefer the Petrol Red Bag (PRB15). Petrol is good in price and quality...