I saw a “rant” if you will on a different forum so I thought I would share it here with you too . I have also commented on some of the points mentioned by Rosco in Catherines post below. My comments are in yellow , everything else was copied from other posts

I am not sure if this was the right place to post this info so let me know if it is ok here

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Hi All

I am posting this because I have found out some rather disturbing news regarding Rosco and their product, the Rosco Litepad.

I spent some time online trying to find pricing on this product because I have a client who needs 10 Litepads at 24"X 24".
I found the average price for this size to be around $700.00

I then stumbled upon a craigslist posting by a company in Canada called Nu World Distribution they had an ad up for " Nu World LED Light Panels" which looked alot like the Rosco Litepad, so I called them up to inquire. I told the guy that I was looking for these for my client who will be using them in a stage production. He then went on to explain to me that his Nu World Panels are the exact same product as the Rosco Litepad but he is not permitted to sell in the entertainment industry due to the fact that Rosco has the market tied up.
So he said that he is sorry that he cant help and we ended our conversation.
I really wanted to find out if the pricing was much different so I had a buddy call him up and say that he needed these panels for a signage application and GUESS WHAT>>>>>>>>>>

$445.00 per LED Light panel !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is $255.00 less per panel than the ROSCO Litepad.

We ordered a small 3" X 3" panel just to be sure that it is not some cheap knockoff and it is identical to the rosco lite pad.

I am by no means a cheapskate but this is disgusting Rosco is really ripping us off!!!

I am happy that I have found this channel and will be using them in future for all purchases even if it does require some cloak and dagger tactics and I encourage all to do the same ........I will be saving $2550.00 on this purchase of 10 panels.

Feel free to email me if you want any other info about this ripp off!!
here is the website nu-wo.com



Here is some info that I have heard about Rosco Lite Pads based on the information provided to Catherine from Rosco:

Jeff at Rosco collaborated with his project managers and looked over the information I provided them. He doesn't know where Luminous Film is having their lights made, but they seem to be nearly identical.
They all come from the same factory in Korea, he knows this everyone in the Lite pad world knows this
Some benefits, he told me, to the Rosco LitePads are 1) Rosco has a greater variety of sizes in stock.
True but who cares if you are getting it at such a reduced rate
Luminous Film only has a handful of sizes, and custom sizes can take around 3 weeks according to their website.
Again….True but who cares if you are getting it at such a reduced rate with a bit of planning a whack of cash can be saved
2) Rosco has kit versions of their lights in stock, and it doesn't appear that Luminous Film has any kind of kits for their lights.
No but it so much better to order what you need and not be stuck with pieces you might not use
3) Rosco has a greater selection of accessories.
No, Most of those accessories can be bought at any electrical supply store
4) Rosco has their name, and with that comes the warranty and dependability of an established film industry company
Nu World offers a 3 yr warranty and has been selling these panels for 4 years

I also found out that Rosco's light pads are water resistant, but should not be totally submerged as they are not water proof. However, Jeff at Rosco told me that if someone wanted a custom LitePad that was water proof, they can definitely make that happen.
There is no such thing as a waterproof lite pad/ LED panel, anyone that sell it to you that way is lying , we have tested these extensively in wet locations and there is always moisture ingress. Splash proof yes , waterproof no!

**EDIT**: Jeff from Rosco just called me back, he told me that as far as he knows Luminous Film does not have access to lights that are comparable to their High Output (HO) lights. The lights Luminous Film has are comparable to what Rosco calls their Daylight (DL) lights. The High Output (HO) lights are what we stock, and are the ones that would be of more interest to filmmakers.
The only thing that determines the brightness in these LED panels is the amount of LEDs , All of the companies that rebrand the product used the same Japanese LEDs Nu World Can custom build to whatever brightness is needed

Catherine Russell
Sales Associate

We have worked with these units extensively and I will be happy to answer any questions that you may have … I do most of my work in high end residential and commercial projects now and we don’t buy from anyone else other than Nu World …. If you want to negotiate email these guys. I have saved a lot of money this way
Oh and also …since that original rant above they now do sell openly to customers across the USA and World wide.

I can forward a few images of what we have done with these panels so just pm me if you like