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    Greetings friends.
    As the majority of people on this forum tend to find themselves with one foot in the production and another foot in the post production worlds, I thought it might be pertinent to share a development at Light Iron with you...

    As you may know, Light Iron has been engineering mobile post production systems for 3 years and, thanks to many of you, has been able to improve and expand the systems in accordance with feedback and technological evolution. Until now, Light Iron has been renting these systems on a project-by-project basis and training operators to learn how to use the systems for free. Over the years, we've had many inquiries as to people having access to Light Iron carts on a more permanent basis. After a lot of work and development, Light Iron has started a program we call "OUTPOST Enterprise." With Enterprise, you can now apply for your own Light Iron cart and once you are approved after a credit check, you can qualify for an OUTPOST cart, Lily Pad cart or Lily Pad Case system for the price of a security deposit. Because you don't have to pay for the cart upfront, we bill it like a cell-phone bill. Light Iron will track the days in which you use the system and you will receive a bill only for the days in which the system is operational.

    For a lot of you, this is not something you need. But for those of you who want more robust, faster, and consistently upgraded systems, Enterprise is a program that ensures you'll *ALWAYS* have the newest gear, the most comprehensive software package, training, and support for just about every file-based camera on the market.

    OUTPOST cart is designed for the heavy production - usually living in the edit room or production company office
    Lily Pad cart is designed for on-site use of the average production - usually living on the set
    Lily Pad Case (brought to you by the good people at DIT Station) is designed for remote locations - small and robust.

    Anyway, this is a completely new business model and the research and development we have done suggests it will be good for the community - especially the professionals who live and work outside of Los Angeles.

    It's new, I get please feel free to ask questions and visit the site, but if you own a cart or are thinking about owning a cart, this program offers something very powerful, expansive, and configurable. We're looking for relationships with users in the community - to help empower, educate and share in the benefits of a world that is finally coming around to 4K and RAW image capture. This is an opportunity to mutually capitalize on some serious 2012 momentum.
    Michael Cioni

    Senior Vice President of Innovation,
    Panavision & Light Iron

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    Hey Michael,

    I followed @lightiron during Cinegear and signed up for more info on Enterprise immediately. I'm really intrigued by the approach and really anxious to learn more. Now I just have to convince myself to wait patiently for a call. :)

    The timing of your announcement about Enterprise and Ted's post about The Unsung Hero is only making me more excited.
    Jason Wietholter | @jasonwietholter

    Scarlet X #798
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    nice innovation.
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    Its ideas and business models like this, that will define the winners and the losers. Good on you Light Iron :)
    Clint Lealos
    Director of Photography

    Yeah, that's a forklift tattoo. I wasn't always a cinematographer :)
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    Great Info!
    Martin Stevens

    President and Founder of Glidecam Industries, Inc.
    Producer and Director at Metaphoric Pictures Corporation.
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